Princess Diana The Musical 2023

One For All Musical Theater’s sixth production, Princess Diana the Musical, an all-original Broadway-like musical, was performed in February 2023, in the beautiful Allen J. Levine Performing Arts Theater Center Stage of the Jewish Community Center in Omaha, NE.

Diana, a modern-day fairy tale, special and unique in its own way, was based on the true story of someone who was once a truly inspiring, life-changing trend-setter, someone who literally changed the British royal empire, from the Royal Family’s traditions to its international relations with other countries; someone with a never-ending, longing soul for love; the true, everlasting kind of love “in a soul mate”, that was a dream deeply wished to come true; the real Queen of Hearts; the most famous woman in the world…


the People’s Princess. 


From continuing the organization’s tradition of including live animals in the performances, to the best of everything – props, costumes, effects and ‘London’ fog, live musicians, sets, and an 8′ by 15′ video wall providing a beautiful filmed backdrop with evocative recorded music accompanying the American Midwest Ballet dancers ‘En Pointe’, not to mention an 18′ diameter double-tiered revolving stage, this original musical was an absolutely outstanding, unique team of many extremely talented cast and crew members and musicians that took the audience on a compelling journey through Diana’s life.  

Audience comments:

“I enjoyed it very much.  The pit orchestra was very good, the casting was spot-on and vocalists were super!”

“Another outstanding production by One For All Musical Theater!  …the entire cast and crew excelled, the live orchestra was superb…the Queen’s Corgi was a real hit…All in all, ‘a jolly good time’!”

Raising the cup once again to an outstanding performance by everyone involved!

Behind the Scenes of Princess Diana